Vintage text effect in Gravit Designer

Hi, everybody. In today’s tutorial, we are going to create a vintage text effect in Gravit Designer.

Retro Text Effect in Gravit designer

This effect is live, that means you still can edit the text. Furthermore, you are able to create shared style and apply it to another typeface in few clicks. Sounds promising, right? So, download your free copy of Gravit and let’s get started.

New document

Start with a 1920X1080px new document.

Create noisy background

Cover it with #9b2525 fill the color rectangle. With this rectangle selected, go to the Effect/more/adjust/noise to add noise. Set amount of noise to 0.15. Navigate to Effect/More/Artistic/Vignette to add a vignette effect to your background. Your end result should look like in the image below:

Vignette & Noise background

Retro text effect #1

Grab the Type tool and create any text you want. Keep your text selected and set:

  1. typeface to Holtwood One SC,
  2. font size to 300px
  3. Fill color to #9b2525
  4. Add #fff stroke with 8px weight

Your end result would look similar to this picture below:

Holtwood font in gravit

Text effects

It’s time to add some effects to create a vintage look. We are going to explore only three in the robust collection of different effects in Gravit.

Long shadow

In order to add a volume, navigate to Effects/More/Shadow/Long Shadow. Using dialog box of this effect set:

  • Fade: none
  • Length: 5px
  • Angle: -45deg
  • Opacity: 100%
  • Color to ##510F0F

This effect will add a three-dimensional look to your text:

Long shadow effect in gravit designer

Noise and Inner shadow

With the text selected, go to the Effect/more/adjust/noise to add noise. Set amount of noise to 0.15. Apply it to the fill only using bullet icon near the eyeball:

Apply to fill only

To add the inner shadow to your letters navigate to Effects/Inner shadow. In the effect’s dialog box set:

  • X: 4;
  • Y: 8;
  • Opacity: 85%
  • Blur: 2

Apply to the fill only. The end result of your efforts would look like this:

Inner hsadow and noise effect in gravit

That’s it. We’ve done our first retro effect!

Retro text effect #2

In order to create text effect number 2 make a copy of the final result and delete noise effect.

To add dot pattern to the design, navigate to Effect/More/Artistic/Dot Screen. This would add a black and white dot pattern:

Dot scrreen effect in gravit

Set the size of this effect to 5 and navigate to the text appearance panel in order to make the fill color a bit darker. It would reduce both size and opacity of the dots:

Size and opacity of dot screen effect in gravit

Recoloring these dots is a bit tricky process. We should add color grading effect, so navigate to  Effect/More/Adjust/Color grading. From the drop down menu choose Lord Kelvin preset. Enjoy the beautiful retro color palette and nice vintage look:

Color grading dot screen effect

We have done with this vintage look as well. Now, let’s create a shared style.

Create shared style

Select one of your text designs and navigate to Style/No-shared-style drop-down menu. From drop-down menu choose a new shared style. In opened dialog box uncheck text if you are going to use this effect with different typefaces.

Create and apply shared styles

Grab the Type tool and create a new text. Navigate to Style’s drop-down menu and choose your effect. This would apply it to the text. Be aware, that your fill color controls the dot screen opacity and density, so change a black text color in the Appearance panel to something else.

retro text effect inn gravit designer

Thank you for reaching that far. I hope you enjoy this tutorial. Do not forget to share it with other folks:)

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