Using isometric grid to create cubic composition in Adobe Illustrator

Hi everybody. Glad to share with you a unique tutorial. In first part of it we’re going to create cubic composition using isometric grid in Adobe Illustrator.

Then we’ll export it into Adobe XD and create wonderful corporate web page :


If you like this kind Ai + XD tutorials, let me know in comments below. Thank you.

Content :

  1. Intro.
  2. New Document.
  3. Creating grid.
  4. Selecting cubes.
  5. Exporting as .svg.

Final work :

Isometric grid in Action

New document

Start with 1920x1080px document.

Create a line

Double click on Line Segment Tool to open dialog box. Set length to 2560 px, angle to 90 deg. Click ok to create a line. Align it horizontally to the left, vertically – to the center of the artboard.
Keep it selected and open move dialog box. Set horizontal value to 100px, vertical to 0. Click copy to produce duplicate. Repeat operation a bunch of times using Ctrl/Cmd +D command.

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