Top Free 3D Abstract Logos for Almost Any Business

The world became flat. Technology enables instant global communications and collaborations among people and on-demand products and services.  Simplicity, inclusivity, and maintainability are three mottos of the modern web. Nothing should distract a customer on his way to interaction or purchase.

But it wasn’t always like that. In the early period of the web, web-based businesses were facing a big problem: “How to explain our prospects what a hell we do?”. The most obvious answer is to mimic a real-world environment and products – the skeuomorphic style was born.

With skeuomorphic design came an era 3d or 3d-like logos. Glossy and shiny, beveled and embossed they were trying to portray a new digital look of the company, leaving out all the rough edges, restrictions and limitations of the real world. Some of them go too far and became an exaggeration, a small caricature of the product’s qualities and features.

In this article, I collected the most impressive free 3d logo templates, that I believe,  represent all the best that all 3d logos should have.

The Global Unitedness

Look at these rectangular pieces tilted to form a sphere, as a symbol of unity and harmony. It’s the best suit for the construction business and the corporation or just any other company as the union of the creative people moving the world forward.

free 3d logo

Obviously Moving Ahead Global Arrows

This is a logo for bold companies, that know where they are moving and what to do to achieve this tremendous progress. Arrows curved around the planet, the faceless classics.

free 3d logo

Beautifully Coiled Into the Globe Spiral

Every spiral dream to be a sphere because being a sphere means embracing the whole world – the paragon of the globality. Beautifully Coiled Into the Globe Spiral, that depicts

Coiled spiral

Nice False-3d Polygonal Arrow

This logo is an example of the good use of the polygons, “false” 3d, the polygonal arrow depicts the unity of the whole team and an aspiration to the future. This magnificent logo is available for free.

False 3d polygonal arrow

Multifunctional Triangle

Three logos in one + infographic element, this triangular logo can say the whole lot of the good about the company:

  1. Teamwork and collaboration
  2. Technologically advanced
  3. Safe and secure, trustworthy
  4. Eco-friendly, environmentally friendly, when green.
  5. Very scientific, because it reflects an enigma – coiled strip is one of the examples of impossible geometry

Free 3d logo design

Enjoyable Player

Take a look at how this lovely play button hanging above the ground. It is so happy to be a part of the technologically advanced, bug-free, supreme, fully-featured video player/editor/recorder’s brand.

Free 3d Logo

The Pearl in the Hand

Reminds me a hand holding something precious or some extraterrestrial organism nurturing a mega-brain, that will someday conquer our planet.

Free 3d logo

Promising and Optimistic M

God bless these lovely sparklings of light over the contour of letter M. This Lettermark is part of the brand, that deserves global recognition, this M is for a very promising start up.

Promising and optimistic letter M

Full of Anticipation

This kind of play button you always want to tap. Wonder why? This energetically vibrant play button emits only positive vibes. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Player 3d Logo

The Rings to Rule Globe

This logo is an excellent combination of the all that we appreciate in the business -the rings of the two noble metals, that may last for ages due to the natural resistance to all the corruption and corrosion. A shiny and durable reputation of your brand.

3d globe logo

Moving Along in the Right Pace

This logo represents an eternal motion, an aspiration to success and progress. Cold colors make it more serene at the same time as if it is saying: “We are moving forward, but not rashing”.

Free 3d logo template

Just Honorable Mention

This one was part of my titanic deeds to get the most from the rudimental 3d features of Adobe Illustrator. So you can enjoy both free 3d logo and tutorial on how to create this 3d metal caged sphere on

Free 3d logo

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