Top 5 new features of Gravit Designer 3.2

Hi, everybody. In today’s tutorial, I am going to discuss top 5 new features of Gravit Designer. The new version is available now and you can download it here.

If want to learn more about this update, please visit Gravit designer’s Medium blog.

Top 5 new features

  1. Symbols. Symbols are reusable elements, that you can create once and use over and over again across all of your documents. To learn more about symbols, please, read this article.
  2. Swatches. Swatches were available for you in previous versions, but now you can create your own color palette.
  3. Icons. Full library of icons from established foundry Icon8 is now available for you right from Gravit.
  4. Canvas. A new option, that allows you to change the orientation of your page ( canvas, artboard )  is now feasible. Furthermore, you can trim canvas to the size of contained elements with one click.
  5. Mask with the shape. New, more convenient way to create a mask. Move the shape above the image and use shortcode Ctrl/Shift/M.


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