Top 12 Free Calligraphic and Script Typefaces of 2018

1. Serico Calligraphic Typeface

serico typeface free download

Serico is designed by Italian graphic and type designer Stefano Giliberti.

License: Free for personal and commercial use

Download Serico.

2. Andora Free Handlettered Typeface

Andora free font

I adore hand-lettered typefaces and Andora is one of my favorite in 2018. Designed by Weape Design, this typeface is clean and stylish, ready to give your projects unique and personal twist.

Andora example

License: Andora is for Personal use only.

Download Andora Free Handlettered Typeface

3. Shella Font Trio – Free Handwritten Script Typeface

Shella font trio

A hand brushed, fun, warm, and cozy typeface duo with 3 different fonts style. Shella Clean font combines with the Shella sans or Shella rough font to make each word unique. Suitable for any design needs, modern invitation design, branding, stationery design, blog design, modern advertising design, invitation, Art Quote, Home decor, Book/Cover Title, Invitation, special events, birthday, custom mug, pillow, t-shirts, any brush lettering needs and more.

License: Shella is for Personal use only.

Download Shella Font Trio

4. Springfield


The same design studio, Weape Design, gives us another hand-made font to play. Springfield is a modern signature typeface, crafted to keep up a trustworthy relationships your with audience.

License: Springfield is for Personal use only.

Download Springfield Free


Sumi free font

The SUMI is great to capture an ephemeral moment in time on the canvas, the moment when an idea is born and ready to be exerted on a screen or a paper. SUMI is a brush font, designed by Sydney Based art director Gehan Magee. Its unfinished, impressionists look is perfect for depicting happy and joyful moments of your life.

Sumi free font

License: SUMI is for Personal use only.

Download SUMI

6. Hadfield Script

Hadfield free font

Hadfield Script is a modern script font duo, created by Stripline Co.

License: Hadfield Script is Free for personal use only

Download Hadfield Script

7. Cattalonia Signature Font

Catalonia free font

Cattalonia a signature font, that comes with 109 beautiful ligature. Hand-crafted by Stripline Co., this typeface would add an irresistible charm to your signatures, wordmarks or invitations.


License: This version of Cattalonia is free for personal use only.

Download Cattalonia a signature font

8. Boutique Typeface

Boutique free font

Born to celebrate every minute of our life, this inspiring typeface was made by Turkish designer Efe GÜRSOY.

License: Boutique Typeface is Free for personal use only

Download Boutique Typeface

9. Rockstar Script

Rockstar Free font

Rockstar Script is a part is the Rockstar font family created by Efe Gürsoy. It has alternates & swashes, plus another font – Rockstar Display. On top of all that, this pack also includes a Photoshop Brush set & Watercolour illustrations! Rockstar Script typeface made by Turkish designer Efe Gürsoy with a fresh, organic and lively brush stroke, so it would be an awesome choice for a poster, flyer, coupon design.

Rockstart Free font


  • Rockstar Regular + Alternates + Swashes
  • Rockstar Display
  • Photoshop brush set
  • Png files
  • Splash
  • Textures
  • Swashes

License: Rockstar is Free for personal & commercial use

Download Rockstar Script

10. Pastelyn – Handwritten Font

Pastelyn free font

Pastelyn – Handwritten Font is a handwritten script font based on the expression of real handwriting. Pastelyn – Handwritten Font will work perfectly for fashion, e-commerce brands, trend blogs, wedding boutiques or any business that wants to appear upscale and chic.

License: Pastelyn is Free for personal use only

Download Pastelyn – Handwritten Font

11. Brilliant Signature Typeface

Brilliant Free font

Brilliant Signature Typeface, a luxury handwritten and signature font. With the three versions you can create signatures and handwriting that you like. The Brilliant Signature Typeface is coming into two font styles, regular and italic, to give you more options for designing elegant, stately wordmarks and signatures.

Brilliant options

License: Brilliant Signature Typeface is Free for Personal use only

Download Brilliant Signature Free Font

12. Eusthalia Typeface

Eusthalia free font

Available in two styles, clean and stamped, Eusthalia Typeface is a perfect choice for vintage design. Its hand-written nature helps to emphasize the quality of a hand-crafted product.

License: Eusthalia Typeface is Free for personal use only

Download Eusthalia Typeface Free Font

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