May update of Adobe XD for Windows. 5 great features

May Update of Adobe XD bring for windows users 5 great features.

May’s version of the relatively new ( and still beta ) software were released in may 17, 2017. You can also watch about april updates here :

There are five main changes :

  1. Layers support added.
  2. Copy with interactions.
  3. Update prototype.
  4. PDF export.
  5. Copy-paste from file explorer.

Layers support

Windows version now has layer’s panel, that you can open using shortcut Ctrl+Y or clicking on the small icon on the bottom left.
So for every Adobe XD user it’s going to get easier to keep things organised.

Copy with interactions

If you are on your prototype tab and want to add the same open-menu interaction to all of your hamburger icons. No more repetition ! Keep it DRY! Add interaction to your first icon, then copy-paste it on all of your artboards.

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