Do you know about 60-years graphic designer, who spent 2 hours looking for a certain icon on his desktop? How many time spent you searching for your design assets?

In this course, I am going to show you how to create symbols in Adobe Illustrator.

Symbols are reusable elements, that help you to become more productive, organized and creative.

You would learn:

  • What are symbols? How to create, update and use them
  • How to create symbol library to store your assets
  • What is the difference between static and dynamic symbols
  • How to use Symbol sprayer, sizer, shifter, scruncher, strainer, screener and spinner tools

3 projects included!

We also have fun creating three projects.

First is Varydot letter C. According to LogoLounge, it was a trendy logo in 2009. I am going to show you the best possible technique to create it:


In the next project, you’ll learn how to useĀ  Symbols spinner tool to rotate a bunch of objects. We could probably draw a flower here, but since I spend 1+ years designing for different medical and pharmaceutical companies, I decided to create something more compeling.3


In the third project, we’ll summarize our knowledge and create this wonderful soap bubble droplet. To follow along you can use soap bubble symbol, provided into resources folder.