How to Draw an Arrow in Gravit Designer

Today I am offering you to dig deeper inside the creation of arrows. I will show you how to create three types of arrows in Gravit Designer:

  1. Simple arrows (1)
  2. Rotation arrows (2)
  3. Custom arrows (3)

Arrow design in Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer User Manual

Gravit Designer Documentation is an ultimate source of information about the functions, tools, effects, shapes, menus, panels and other features available in this wonderful freemium vector editor. If you are just starting and looking for the up-to-date information or you are an experienced Gravit user, who wants to have an imminent reference, I recommend to give it a try.

Please note: my entire article has been corrupted, because of the inconvenient interface of the new Gutenberg Editor. For now only video tutorial is available:

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