How to Design Geometric Logo In Gravit Designer

I’ve been busy playing around with a bunch of geometric shapes to produce an outstanding logo. I was going around the web in search of inspirations of different geometric logos and decided to show you a simple yet elegant logo design.

Gravit Designer Geometric Logo

In today’s tutorial I will show you how to design a logo from the pure shapes in Gravit Designer. You will learn how to work with the polygon shapes and Boolean Shapes Operators in this amazing free design editor.

Step #1. Create a Hexagon

Head over to the Tools Panel and click on the Shape Drop-down marked with a little star in Gravit Designer 3.4.4.

Tools Panel in Gravit Designer 3.4

From the opened drop-down select Polygon and holding Shift and Alt/Opt create a hexagon with 200px width.

Create hexagone

Step #2. Create a Duplicate

Holding Shift and Alt/Opt drag the hexagon to the left on the distance of 40px to create a copy of your shape.

Hexagon duplicate



Step #3. Create a Chevron

In order to create a chevron shape, head over to the Boolean Shape Operators and select the Subtract from the dropdown.

Subtract boolean shape operator

Keep it selected and press Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+P to Convert to Path or click a tiny icon on the Tools panel.

Convert to path


Step #4. Create a Duplicate of the Chevron

Repeat the Step #2 transformation dragging the chevron on the same distance of 40px.

Duplicate of the chevron

Select both shapes and make a Group by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+G on the keyboard. Duplicate the group with Clone command Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+D.

Group and Duplicate

Select the Duplicate and flip it horizontally by using small icon on the Tools panel.


Allocate it as shown on the picture below

Allocate the duplicate

Step #5. Rectangles



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