How to Create Low-Poly Logo in Gravit Designer

In today’s tutorial I am going to show you how to design a polygonal logo in Gravit Designer.

Low Poly Logo in Gravit Designer

Although creating a polygonal logo is quite of fun, it requires an understanding of the main principle the graphic design:

Keep it simple. Don’t overload your artwork with too much details

I will show you how to design low-poly logos from scratch, using first the traditional media, such as pencil and paper to develop a concept and then digitize it using free vector editor Gravit Designer.

Step #1. Sketching

Make a light sketch of the elephant. Keep the lines straight and make sure your elephant shape is recognizable for general public.

Light Sketch

When you happy with the shape, make your lines bolder and start dividing your sketch on triangles – foundation of the polygons.


You might try a couple few times before you finish with the sketch.

Final Sketch

Step #2. Tracing the Skecth

Grab the Pen Tool and start tracing every single polygon in your sketch. I am using default Fill and Stroke colors.

Traced Skecth

Now we have a vector black and white artwork, so we need to add some gradients.

Step #3. Gradient

First, I started with the warm colors, realizing that I can easily change everything via Color Adjust effect.

Gradient Colors

On the picture above you can see, that my Linear Gradient contains only two colors:

  1. #624C2B in the beginning
  2. #FF9900 at the end

Now, the smart thing to do is to apply the gradient to every single polygon. You can edit the object in bulk in Gravit Designer by using Shared Style.

In order to create a new shared style, head over to the Style/Create New Shared Style on the bottom of the Appearance Panel.

New shared Style

Step #4. Adjust the Gradient

Once you are done with the shared style, select the artwork and apply the style to the all pieces.

Low Poly Gradient

Now you can easily change the color of all pieces at once by tweaking the sliders of Color Adjust Effect, located on the Effects panel.

Color Adjust Effect in Gravit

Step #5. Dimentions

To add more tangible and 3d-dimensional look, set a light source and adjust the gradients of the solitary pieces according to it’s position.

Color adujst the sole piece

That’s all. We are with the low-poly logo design. Thanks for reaching that far. Do not forget to subscribe to Vitorials for more Gravit’s handy tips and tutorials.

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