How to create lettermark in Gravit Designer.

Hi, everybody. In today’s tutorial, we are going to create a beautiful letter T logo in Gravit Designer. Those, who are not familiar with this awesome free vector app, don’t worry, this tutorial is a beginner friendly. It relies primarily on a built-in isometric grid and a pen tool.


About Gravit Designer

Before we start, I want to talk about reasons, that influence the choice of vector app for a today tutorial. I have several criteria:

First of all, it should be powerful, yet simple.

Second, it should be affordable, ideally free.

Third, it shouldn’t take a lot of your time to learn it.

Fourth, it should support all the major web graphic formats, both raster, and vector.

Fifth, it should be available for your clients and you in the most convenient way.

Gravit meets all these criteria. It’s free, available on Windows, OSX, Linux, Chromebook and in your browser. Gravit has a steep learning course, but to master it you should take a free course.It supports SVG, PDF, PNG with transparency and JPEG. So, let’s get started with lettermark in Gravit Designer.

Create a new document

Create a new 600/400px document.

Gravit Designer New document

Set a default isometric grid. Turn “Snap to grid option” on. In order to do that, go to View/Snap to/Snap to a grid:

Snap to grid options

Set some guides to define letter T shape. This step is not required, but it would be helpful in further work with pen tool:

Set Guides Gravit designer

Pen tool

Grab your pen tool (p) and start contructing letter T. Firts, let’s start with letter’s stem:

Letter T stem Gravit designer

Now we are going to create 13 duplicates. In order to do that, navigate to transform panel, click on tranform button and set Move Y value to -11.6px and numbers of duplictes to 13. Click apply to proceed the transformation.

Make 13 Duplicates

Design a crossbar of the letter T

Grab your pen tool and create a crossbar outline. Then make 4 duplicates with the same Move Y = -11.6px. The end result should looks like that:

Design letter T crossbar

Now with pen tool fill the negative space into the bottom of the stem and crossbar:

Fill negative space into the bottom of the crossbar

We have done this. Don’t forget to tell your friends, how easy we can do this impressive design in Gravit.

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