How to create an isometric logo in Adobe Illustrator

Hi, everybody. In today’s tutorial, we are going to create a real isometric logo in Adobe Illustrator.

Isometric logo

What is isometric projection

Isometric is a common way of depicting 3-dimensional object without involving perspective. Unlike perspective drawing, all axes in isometric projections do not converge and always stay parallel.

Perpective versus isometric drawings

These axes are inclined strictly at the angle of 30 , so the angle in between the axes always equals 120o. This also means that all sides in the isometric object are equally foreshortened.

Angles in isometric projections

For more information about isometric drawings, please, read this Medium article.

How to design isometric projections in Adobe Illustrator

There are 4 possible ways to create isometric projections in Adobe Illustrator:

  1. Building and using an isometric grid
  2. Creating and using actions ( SR30 or SSr45 method )
  3. Using 3d effects. You can use both Extrude’n Bevel and Rotate effects depending on whether or not you want to add depth to the object.
  4. Using “ideal” hexagon and shape builder tool.

Last method we are going to explore today. Let’s get started.

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