How To Create an Editable Retro Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

In this video, I will show you how to master an Appearance panel and create an editable retro text effect in Adobe Illustrator. You will also learn how to add a halftone effect to the text.

Retro Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

Live Text Effects are effects that preserve editability of the text, so you can put any textual info inside to be rendered by Adobe Illustrator. They are usually packed inside Graphic Styles or Actions to provide an easy to use one-click solutions for users. To learn how to create your own Graphic Styles and Actions and become more productive in Illustrator, please, enroll in my Udemy Course and get 50% off:

Spatter and Charcoal Effects to Distress the Letters

This tutorial also features one handy tip on how to distress the letters with the editable effect rather than using the grunge texture inside the opacity mask. To make it possible you need to add two live effects to the fill:

  1. Charcoal Effect (Effects/Effects Gallery/Sketch/Charcoal)
    Charcoal Effect
  2. Spatter Effect (Effects/Effects Gallery/Brush Stroke/Spatter)
    Spatter Effect

These two effects add a subtle (but indeed sublime) texture to the letters and help them to look more vintage. Remember, nostalgia is a great marketing tool. Learn how to embrace the techniques and tools to create different vintage styles. They are always in high demand among Graphic Design clients.

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