How to Create a Flat Design Portrait in Gravit Designer

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In today’s tutorial, we are drawing a football superstar in Gravit Designer. We will start with the sketch you can download from the freebie page.

Learn how to create a flat design portrait in Gravit Designer

Drawing a vector portrait is a valuable skill for any graphic designer and can open for you a door into the freelance business.
Today we are going to create a portrait of Cristiano Ronaldo in the flat style.

Flat style or flat design emerged in the first decade of the XXI century as interface design. The first company introduced us to the flat design paradigm was Microsoft with the interface of the Zune Player in 2006. Since then it became a huge trend, that underwent several iterations and changes. Some of these changes were purely cosmetic, like palette adjustments and subtle gradient usage, some were intended to solve important issues of flat design, such as lack of visual feedback on an interaction.

Material Design is a design language invented by Google into 2014. It spits some skeuomorphic elements into the flat design world, such as gradients and drops shadows allowing two-dimensional shapes to rise up and float one on another. Thus it’s easier to distinguish the clickable element from the non-clickable.

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