Hot new features of Adobe Illustrator CC 2018

Hi, everybody. This year we celebrate an anniversary of Adobe Illustrator! In his thirty, it became faster, slimmer and more powerful. In this article, I listed top five new features of Adobe Illustrator 2018.


Thirty years is the second youth. Version CC 2018 is so much faster than CC 2017. It flys like a rocket. I tested new version with the most heavy lifting tasks, including 3d and blend transformations and was very satisfied with speed and productivity. Some of the tasks, that version 2017 used to perform with a delay, were run almost instantly! So it’s good time for you to take my most demanding tutorials.


Crowded, brimming containers, filled with lot’s of valuable functions – if you’ve ever used Adobe Illustrator before this update, you would understand that I am talking about right panels. Until CC 2018, they have been a reminiscence of good old days, when you should have a 27inch more desktop in order to be a designer.

This time was past and most of professional design editors are called apps now and available in your smartphone. Adobe team decided to revive a bit the interface 30-years old vector editor and make it slimmer. They introduce new mind-reading properties panel that could give what you need, where you need it. When you select text, for example, it gives you character panel, shape – it reveal you shape’s properties and transformations

properties panel in adobe Illustrator

When nothing is selected, it shows you information about artboards and other global tools (grid, rulers, etc.) and settings (snapping options, keyboard increment, etc.)

Properties panel when nothing is selected

Puppet warp tool

Imagine the situation: you want to slightly adjust the limb of the character. So you need to grab direct selection tool and arrange all of your anchor point with bezier handles. This menial task can cause a lot of headaches.

Puppet warp tool

Now you could do these minuscule changes without stressing the nodes and anchor points. Warp tool would help you to adjust moving parts of your character, like limbs, tails, neck, hair and create the motion sprite more quickly.

Special fonts

These are fonts with the unique appearance. One of them contains a combination of gradient and solid color that gives it gold and classy look. It’s called Trajan Color.
Another one is based on 500 emoji glyphs and called Emoji One.

Variable fonts

When this feature would be fully implemented in CSS it would cause a revolution in web typography!
Variable fonts are “fonts that comprise of the thousands of fonts”. It gives you flexibility to set the weight, slant, width, optical size and “design” your own typeface variation.

In the table below I listed all the variable fonts available in Adobe Illustrator at the moment of writing:

Font Weight Width Slant Optical size
Acumin Variable Concept yes yes yes
Minion Variable Concept yes yes
Myriad Variable Concept yes
Source Code Variable yes
Source Sans Variable yes
Source Serif Variable yes


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