10 Most Helpful Gravit Designer Shortcuts

1. Undo

On Windows/Linux: Ctrl+Z

On Mac: Cmd+Z

Undo in Gravit

2. Redo

On Windows/Linux: Ctrl+Shift+Z

On Mac: Cmd+Shift+Z

Redo in Gravit

3. Clone in Gravit

On Windows/Linux: Ctrl+Shift+D

On Mac: Cmd+Shift+D

Create a duplicate of the object right on the top of the original one.

4. Duplicate

On Windows/Linux: Ctrl+D

On Mac: Cmd+D

Create a duplicate, that is 10px at right and bottom of the original file.

Duplicate actually is handy when you need to repeat a transformation.

5. Scale artwork

On Windows/Linux: Ctrl+ to scale up and Ctrl+ - to scale down

On Mac: Cmd+ + and Cmd+ - respectively

Cmd+ + zooms closer into the artboard.Cmd+ -  zooms out of the artboard.

6. Precious scaling

On Windows/Linux: Ctrl+ scroll 

On Mac: Cmd+ scroll

Sometimes you need to zoom by the factor of the small number. Holding Ctrl/Cmd and using scroll allows you do that. Be patient, when using it inside the browser, because it scales a browser window.

7. Pan tool temporarily

On Windows/Linux: Hold  Spacebar

On Mac: Hold Spacebar

Holding spacebar gives you a pan tool. It’s a tool that moves an artboard in Gravit Designer.

8. Convert to path

On Windows/Linux: Ctrl+Shift+ P

On Mac: Cmd+Shift+ P

One of the most useful in Gravit, no matter you whether you want to adjust only one corner of the shape or convert text to the paths, it’s the only shortcut you need to remember.

9. Arrange in Gravit

On Windows/LinuxCtrl+ ↓ to send backward   Ctrl+Shift+ ↓

On Mac: Cmd+Shift+ ↓

These keyboard shortcuts control the order of the objects on the layers panel. To move the object to the top use Ctrl+ ↑Ctrl+ ↓ moves the object to the bottom

10. Save a document

On Windows/Linux: Ctrl+ S
On Mac: Cmd+

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