Lately I’ve seen a lot of graphic designers use a grunge texture to give their artworks an old printed or worn out look. To effectively recreate the grunge/vintage style you could design all of the elements on your own, which would be time-consuming and certainly repetitive when you consider the high quality and volume of freely available grunge texture sets.

All us want to create more in a less time, that’s why I decided to create these easy-to-use Set of Grunge Textures for you. Hope it saves your time and help you to deliever more and better projects to your clients:

What’s Inside of This Texture Pack

This free vector set contains 7 scalable vector texture graphics. The detail and style varies between each graphic, giving you a choice from subtle and sparce grain to heavy and full on grunge.

File size = 61mb.

Key Benefits

There are some benefits of this set of textures:

  1. They are 100% vector. That means, you can easily use them inside vector software, such as Adobe Illustrator and Gravit Designer.
  2. Scalable. They are 100% vector and therefore 100% scalable. You can apply them to the prints of any size
  3. Adjustable. You could cut off as many points as you wish, decrease or increase opacity, and even change a color
  4. They are 100% free for personal and clint’s projects.
  5. Great variety. This set included 7 types of textures
  6. Lightweight. These textures wouldn’t freeze your vector app. This is especially important for Gravit Designer’s users.
  7. Easy-to-use. All of them follow the strict layers structure, they are grouped and optimized by me for your convience.

Straigthforward naming and folder structure

Using someone else works can be really confusing – trying to find the texture you are looking for can cost you lot’s of time. The problem is to choose the right texture for your project. Scientists proved these into the countless expiriments:

the more choices you have the less likely you to choose

That’s why I decided to make the folder and file structure as clean as possible.

01. Light Texture

Light Texture for Adobe Illustrator and Gravit Designer

02. Small Texture

Small Texture comprases from lot’s of small particles

Small Points Texture

03.Medium Texture

Medium texture consists from more dense and heavy strokes

Medium Texture

04.Heavy Texture

07.Grunge Vignette

Grunge Vignette

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