This freebie is an amazing one-click & one-second Golden Ratio Grid. This action set is available for absolutely free.The key feature of this freebie is convenience – you have three types of Golden Ratio Grid always at your hand, available from a simple, easy-to-use action’s interface. You don’t need to rely on third-party resources or create a Golden Ratio over and over. Just install this action set following instructions from this tutorial.

Some Installation Steps are also listed below.

Step one. Download the Grid

Click download in order to get a zip archive with a single Adobe Illustrator File in .aia format. Unzip this GRGrid.aia file and place it in any folder on your desktop. Make sure this folder is easy for you to access from an Illustrator app.

Step two. Bring up the Action Panel

Lunch your copy of Adobe Illustrator and head over to Window/Actions.

Step Three. Upload an Action Set

On your action panel head over to Actions Menu on the top right. Select the “Load Actions” from the drop-down menu and navigate to the GRGrid.aia file.

Load actions menu item

Step Four. Fire up Your Golden Grid Action

Once you’ve loaded an action, click the small “Play” icon on the bottom of the Action Panel to get your One Click Golden Ratio Grid. Enjoy!

Run Action

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