Creating the knitted design in Adobe Illustrator has never been so easy!

This action allows you to render a 8×2 px knitted pattern within a single click.

If you are interested in a full article with a video tutorial, please read How to Design a Knit Pattern in Adobe Illustrator.

Knitted Action Description

This file contains a Graphic style and set of actions to create a realistic knitted grid. Once you loaded the Graphic Style and Knitted Lite action set, you are good to deploy the grid.

Knitted pattern within a single click

Just click once on the Knitted Pattern action.

Knitted Pattern Action in Adobe Illustrator

Please note: your Knitted-Style graphic style is supposed to be on the default panel.

Knitted style graphic style

You can then recolor particular pieces in the grid to create a knitted artwork by using the Live Paint Bucket tool.

drawing knitted design in adobe illustrator

When you are done, you can run a Knitted Effect action to create more realistic knitted design.

Knitted effect action

Finally, place a rectangle beneath the pattern to fill the gaps and finish the artwork.

knitted effect in Adobe Illustrator. Finished artwork

Hope you will enjoy this action. To build the knit patterns at 3 sizes, please get the Knit Pattern Maker pro action for Adobe Illustrator.

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