This free text effect is made for designers and artists who do their work in Gravit Designer. It is designed using professional Gravit techniques, such as effects and shared styles.

Each downloadable file allows you to insert your text and customize your message quickly. Whether you’re applying a shared style or modifying an object, you can have a stylish text result with just a few button clicks.

Bounce into this inspiring file and if you willing to learn how it’s made, subscribe to my YouTube channel, the tutorial is coming very soon!

Freebie Info

File Format: .GVDESIGN inside .ZIP archive

Quantity: two files with and without grain effect.

Typeface: Oswald from Google Font Library

License: free for commercial and personal projects without attribution. You can’t sell the unmodified file directly for profit, you can’t distribute this file without the link to the original resource.

Retro text Effect Gravit

Free Text Effects for Gravit

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