If you want to follow along with my flat portrait tutorial, this file is for you! Learn how to create illustrations of the famous footballers and draw your favorite team in the free design software called Gravit Designer. 

Cristiano Ronaldo Illustration

This file contains three sketches of the football stars:

Knowing how to turn these sketches into the scalable vector drawings is a valuable skill. Digital vector portrait drawing can be your first step into the graphic design freelance business. It is also fun. Imagine printing your own playing cards deck with famous sportsmen. Who would be the Ace? Who would be the jocker? Let me know who you want to draw in the comment section.

How to use this File

Follow this step-by-step instruction:

  1. Download the file. Safe it somewhere at your desktop.
  2. It’s a .ZIP archive with three .JPEG files. Extract these images and place them into the folder.
  3. Lunch the Gravit Designer and start a New Design.
    New Design in Gravit
  4. Head over to the File/Import/Place image.. and select the sketch you want to trace.
    Import place image
  5. Follow this video this video on my Youtube channel to learn how to trace the image and create a stylish portrait.

How can I use the Final Output

Please, note, that all artworks that you created from these sketches you can use for personal purposes only. It is a learning asset, so my main goal is to help young designer and illustrators embrace the techniques of flat design.

If you want to use the final illustration into the commercial project, feel free to buy them from vitorials.net:

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