The Doodle Text Effect is perfect for creating posters, banners, infographics in Adobe Illustrator. Once uploaded, Graphic Style allows you to apply a rough looking strokes and scribble shadows to any object within a single click.

Free Doodle Text effect for adobe Illustrator


File Info

A single .ZIP archive contains two vector files:

  1. Graphic Style .ai file to be uploaded through Graphic style panel menu
  2. Vector File with an actual design, created in my Youtube tutorial “How to Design a Doodle Text Effect in Adobe Illustrator

The Art of Graphic Styles

This asset represents an example of the Graphic Style magic – within a single click, you can load a bunch of appearance attributes to an infinite number of vector objects, otherwise, take an enormous time to recreate. When you learned the basics of Adobe Illustrator, I highly encourage you to enroll in my course How to Become More Proficient in Adobe Illustrator. This course will open new avenues for you as vector artist, save you time and boost your creativity and learning potential.

You will learn:

  1. How to use symbols
  2. How to create custom shortcuts
  3. How to use and create Graphic styles
  4. How to use and create actions
  5. How to use scripts
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