How to design Total logo in Adobe Illustrator CC

Hi, everybody!

Vector artwork doesn’t need to be always 2D, right? This Total company logo is one of the examples how to use 3d objects to create a stand-out design.

Total logo design final artwork

🤓 Let’s create it together, here, in Adobe Illustrator.

This tutorial is part of the famous logo design series. You can always watch this Star Alliance tutorial :

Start a new document

Create new document 1920×1080.

Create an ellipse

Grab an ellipse tool and hit once on the artboard. Size it with 1250x200px. Grab  Anchor Point tool and click at right and left points of the ellipse to create a lens shape.

Ellipse and lens in Adobe Illustrator

Create a symbol

Drag this shape to the symbols panel. In opened dialog box change type to Graphic and click ok. Delete original shape.

Create a symbol in adobe Illustrator

Create a circle

Grab ellipse tool and click on the artboard. In opened dialog box set width and height to 660px. Click ok to create a circle. Align it both horizontally and vertically to the center of the artboard.

grab a Line segment tool and draw a vertical line longer then 660px . Align it to the center of the artboard.

Circle and line

Slice one half

Select the line and circle altogether. Grab a Shape Builder Tool and slice one half of the circle.

Slice one half of the circle

Delete all except right half. Keeping it selected, navigate to the Effect/3d/Revolve.

In to the open dialog box, choose map art:

map art

Choose our lens-like symbol and check “invisible geometry” at the bottom-right corner of the dialog box. Click ok

mapping first lens


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