How to design Star Alliance logo in Adobe Illustrator

Hello everybody. I am exited to present a whole new series of famous logo design tutorial. We are going to design iconic logos of most famous companies in Adobe Illustrator and explore best technique of the logo design.

In first tutorial we are going to craft Star Alliance logo and final result will look like this:

Star Alliance logo in Adobe Illustrator

Star Alliance is one of the world’s largest global airline alliances. As of November 2016, Star Alliance is the largest global alliance by passenger count with 689.98 million, which is quite impressive.

Initially, there were five members of the alliance. I think that is what these dynamic pyramids represent.

New document

Start with a new document. Size it with 1920x1080px.

Create a pentagon

Create a large pentagon ( around 700px radius ). Grab a polygon tool, hold left mouse button key and start drawing a default hexagon. Do not release left mouse button and hit down arrow key once in order to make five angles.

Set fill to none and stroke to 1px #000. Align it to the center of the artboard both horizontally and vertically.

Create Pentagon

Create small duplicate

To create a smaller duplicate double click on the Scale Tool. In opened dialog box set Uniform 40% and click copy. Grab selection tool and rotate this duplicate by 45 deg to the left.

Rotate small copy

Create triangle

Grab the polygon tool and hit down arrow key twice in order to create triangle. Place it between the left angles of the pentagons:Create and place triangle

Now we are able to delete small pentagon. We don’t need it anymore.

Divide triangle into 3 equal parts

Grab your pen tool, turn on smart guides ( Ctrl?Cmd +U ) and create another triangle that covers 1/3 of the original.

Divide triangle into 3 equal parts to create pyramid

Make two more triangles on other sides.Delete the original triangle.

Check the final result :

Create two more parts

Adjust one side

In this step we need to add anchor point at the center of top side of top rectangle ( that is part of the pyramid  ). Then grab anchor point tool and enlarge direction handles. Move the point to the top using direct selection tool or up arrow key :

Create curvy line

Make two duplicates

Now we have adjusted triangle and we need to copy it on other sides of the pyramid. We can do it using rotate tool. Open rotate dialog box with double click. Set value of 120deg and click copy. Repeat transformation with Ctrl/Cmd + D shortcode.

Rotate parts of the pyramid

Set color of the parts ( triangles ) according to the picture below.

Define center of the document with guides

You can also see the guides at the center of the document on this image. To define center with guides hit Ctrl/Cmd + R combination to open the rulers. With selection tool grab vertical and horizontal guide and align them to the center horizontally and vertically.

Create final logo with rotate tool

Select all three parts of your pyramid holding shift key. Group them using right mouse button context menu or go to Object | Group.

Open rotate dialog box by double clicking on Rotate Tool. Set corner to 72 degrees and click copy to create second pyramid. Repeat transformation using Ctrl/Cmd +D three times.

Create final logo with rotate tool

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Have a nice day.

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