How to Design a Badge in Gravit Designer

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Some people think badges are no more than trendy peices of graphic, soon to be dated, thus they aren’t worth to bother of designing them.

Others compare them with emblematic logos and think they should adhere strict identity guidelines and follow the core principles of logo design.

In a nutshell, badges are small images, that you can create for any kind of occasion from small local events to largest international conferences. People than can grab them as souvenirs or rewards. They should be cool looking and well-designed inviting people to keep them as a reminder about your brand.

In today’s tutorial I am going to show you how to create a modern badge using simple shapes and solid colors in Gravit Designer. Then, we will trace a sketch I’d made in Krita using Pen Tool and place them inside the shape. By the end of this tutorial you will master skills of the shape and color composition required to design a coherent set of badges.

Gravit Design Badges

Step 1. New Document

Open your version of the Gravit Designer. Create a New Document at any size. I am working on a 680x400px canvas.

New Document In Gravit Designer

Step 2. Set up a Background

Cover the entire canvas with the rectangle using Rectangle Tool. In the Fill Color dialog box set a fill color to #FD864F.

Set a background color

Lock it on the Layer Panel by clicking on the Padlock Icon.

Lock the background

Step 3. Create a Shape for the badge

Pick up an Ellipse Tool and holding Shift and Alt create a circle at the size of 220x220px.

Create a circle in gravit designer

Head on to the Fill Color dialog box set the fill color to #3d1731.

Set a fill color to the circle

Step 4. Clipping Mask

Make a duplicate of the circle using Clone command, which you can find under the Edit menu or you can use a shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+D.

Make a duplicate

With the duplicate selected, head on to the Modify>Path>Expand/Shrink.

Modify. Expand shrink

In the opened popup dialog box set the value to the -12px.

Shrink value of -12

We’ve just created a shape for the Clipping Mask. We are going to put the main design of our tropic badge inside.

Step 5. Main Design

Using Rectangle Tool create a rectangle at the size of 215x43px.


In order to produce three duplicates of this rectangle, open the Transform panel by clicking on the Transform Button.

Transform Button in Gravit Designer

Set the Move Y value to the 43px and number of Duplicates to three.

Create 3 Duplicates in Gravit

Head on to the Fill Color panel and apply these values to the rectangles:

  1. Set #ED1E29 to the top one
  2. Set  #F25A24 second rectangle from the top
  3. Set #FAA01F to the third one
  4. Set #FFC412 to the rectangle at the bottom

Recolor rectangles

Select all the rectangles and make a Group using Ctrl/Cmd+G. You can also group them by clicking a Group icon on the Tools Panel or using right mouse button context menu.

Make a Group

Grab a Pointer Tool and holding Shift draw a marque across all elements to select them.

Come over the Align Panel and align selected elements (red arrows) horizontally to the center. Deselect the large circle holding Shift key. Align the group and the clipping shape (green arrows) Vertically to the top.

Align with the circle

Keep them selected and head on to the Tools panel. Make a clipping mask by clicking the Clip icon.

Make a Clipping mask

Oppose to the picture on top, your clipping shape should have the same fill color as the large circle (#3d1731)

Step 6. Tropic Island

Create a small circle with a diameter around 100px. Set the fill color to #3d1731.

Small circle

Slice a half of it setting the Angles value to 0 in the Appearance panel.

Slice ahalf

Place it at the bottom of the badge and head on to the Modify>Path>Convert Path.

Convert to the Path

Select the top point using Subselect Tool and nudge it to the right.

Nudge the top anchor point

Step 7. Drawing Palms

Trace your images or drawings with the Pen Tool. If you want to follow along this tutorial, please, download my sketches. Otherways, you can trace any photo and share it with me on Instagram using tag #Gravit.

Trace the palm

Place your tracing above the “Island”. Adjust the size by eye to add the pleasant look.

Step 8. Stroke Effect

Add the Stroke Effect to the large circle to make a badge looks like stiker.

Select the largest circle

We are done! Enjoy the result. By the way, you can download the set of seven handsome badges for free.

Downlod Free badges

If you really like this tutorial, give a little shoutout sharing it with your friends through the social channels. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask in the comments. Cheers:)

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