How to create vector flower with blend tool.

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Hello creators!

Today, I will show you how to create this beautiful vector flower with blend tool and custom brushes:

Vector flower with blend tool in Adobe Illustrator

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So let`s get started with new blank 880 x 700 px document.

Part 1: Creating blend

First, we need to create circle. Go to ellipse tool ( L ), open ellipse dialog box and set height and width to 170px. Set stroke color to this yellow #F9C235.

Create red duplicate

Keep your circle selected, double click on Select Tool to open Move Dialog Box and set :

  1. Horizontal distance to 530px
  2. Vertical distance to 0

Click copy to create duplicate, set stroke color to red #F91816.


Select both circles and go to Object>Blend> blend options… , set spacing to Specified Distance and value 0.4px. Hit Ctrl+Alt+B ( Cmd+Option+B on Mac ) on your keyboard to make blend.

Blend creation in steps

Part 2: Creating custom brush from blend

To create custom brush drag your blend to brushes panel ( click F5 if you can`t find it ). In opened dialog box choose Art Brush.

Art brush presets

Despite lots of parameters we need modify only :

  1. Width to Rotation
  2. Direction to “Stroke From Top to Bottom” ( down arrow icon ).

Click Ok to create a brush.

Steps of art brush creation

Part 3: Creating flower

Go to Ellipse Tool and create circle with 40px height and width. Apply your new brush to this circle. Reduce stroke weight to 0.6px.

Select circle and open Scale Tool ( S ) dialog box. Set Uniform to 80% and click copy. Hit Ctrl+D ( Cmd+D ) on your keyboard to repeat this transformation.

Keep this duplicate selected and open Scale Tool ( S ) dialog box once again. Set uniform to 50%. You can create as more copies as you want, depending to the complexity of flower.

Create patels

Part 4: Folded petals with scissors tool

Make duplicate of your first ( 40px ) circle. Select Scissors tool ( S ) and make one half and one forth slices :

Slicing circle with scissors tool

Select your 1\4 segment and reduce stroke weight to 0.2px, but enlarge segment itself. Position your segment so that sharp end points to the center of your flower :

Position Of slice

Keep your slice selected, select Rotate tool ( R ) and Alt+click ( Option+click on Mac ) in the center of your flower ( see image above ). In opened dialog box set angle to 20 degrees and click copy. Repeat this operation 16 times with Ctrl+D ( Cmd+D ) shortcut on your keyboard.

Select all 18 segments and group them ( Object>Group ). Send them to back ( Object>Arrange>Send to Back ).

Part 5: Final touches. Closing gaps with warp tool

Select your flower and go to layer panel. Lock your group of slices and all circles except top one. Keep it selected and go to Warp tool ( Shift +R )  dialog box ( double click on icon to open it ). In opened dialog box set :

  1. Width and height to 10 px
  2. Intensity to 25%
  3. Detail to 4

Click ok and than modify your first circle ( hold left mouse and drag the path forward ):

Close gaps with warp tool

Work with all circles to provide more irregular and more natural look to the flower.

Final thoughts

Certainly, all these transformations are quite heavy lifting for Illustrator software. On other hand this technique allows you to create as many variations as you want. The sky is the limit!

For example, you can take 1/2 slice ( I hope you did not delete it ) and repeat steps in part 4 of this vitorial. Enjoy!

Please look at my youtube channel to see latest adobe illustrator tutorials.

Types of flowers you can create with blend tool

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