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If you are something like me, you store your design assets and resources on your desktop. I have a dozen of vector files, downloaded from elsewhere on the web or created by myself. Navigating through a bunch of the folders and files isn’t the easiest task to do. A week ago, for example, I was looking for an isometric grid. I knew it was somewhere on my desktop, but I failed to find it. So I decided to search it on the web. It was a big mistake of mine.

Through the Internet is ingeniously the #1 place for all helpful things, it also provides endless possibilities for distractions. It’s tempting to take a break and check the latest news, comments and some silly stuff we so enjoy wasting our time on. So I totally missed the course and found myself skimming my Facebook and Twiter account. It took as little as 15 minutes to return to my work and finally put the grid inside the New Document in Adobe Illustrator.

Isometric Workplace

Building Isometric Grid From Scratch

Reinventing the wheel isn’t a big deal when it comes to an Isometric Grid. Just grab two lines inclined to the horizontal plane at the angle of 30 degrees and replicate the vertically across the canvas.


When you are good in the theory and can apply it in the practice, you will succeed in any subject.

The real problem appears when you need to make 20px isometric grid exactly. In Gravit Designer, it is an easy as pie because of it’s a default option in the built-in isometric grid.

Isometric grid in Gravit

In the Adobe Illustrator, however, building a pixel-perfect isometric grid could be challenging – you need to calculate all the transformations on your own. Most of them come from trigonometric functions and contain a big tail of decimals after the dot.

Hopefully, Adobe Illustrator allows us to automate the most boring stuff and store it inside the easy to find and run actions. So let me present a free Isometric Grid Builder Action, that will build you the 20px isometric in 3 seconds.

Isometric Grid in Adobe Illustrator Reinvented

The action is the sequence of transformations, that you can write down into a small file and then evoke with a single click. A single click is an appealing idea. Before a mind-machine interface was invented a single click was the smallest possible effort needed to achieve something through the traditional controller.

All actions are organized into Action Sets. By default, there is the only one called “Default Action Set”. You can create your own and then save it to your desktop or you can install any third party action set. let me show you how to install my free One-click Isometric Grid Builder Lite, that you can download for free.

How to Install Isometric Grid Action

To bring up an Action Panel head over the Windows>Actions.

Windows Action path


Action Menu

To load a new action set you need to click on the tiny hamburger menu icon at the top-right corner of the of The Action Panel.

From the drop-down menu select the “Load Actions…“.

Load actions menu item

Locate and select the file with the action set. It should have a small Script icon on it.

Select an action set

Click “Open” to Install the Action Set.

Click open

Viola. Now you are able to build a pixel-perfect isometric grid within a single click.

Run action with a play icon

Just click on the Play Icon on the bottom of the panel.


Bear in mind that you should run this action on an empty canvas or lock all of your artworks on the Layer Panel.

More Flexibility for Professionals

If you are a professional vector artist you would enjoy One Click Isometric Grid Pro.  This premium action set helps you to build isometric grid at seven sizes:

  1. 5px
  2. 10px
  3. 20px
  4. 30px
  5. 40px
  6. 50px
  7. 100px

I created it to provide a flexible solution for all designers, that work with isometrics in Adobe Illustrator on a daily basis.

With the Isometric Grid Pro you can build the isometric grids:

  • at seven sizes with a single click
  • in less than 3 seconds
  • with pixel-perfect perfection
  • based on guides, so you can snap and align your drawing more easily

Stay Focused

I hope these activities will help you to stay focused on your creative workflow, rather than being distracted by the surrounded staff. If you enjoy them, feel free to share this article with your friends and teammates.

If you want to learn more about isometric projections, read this article:

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