How to create stylish summer icons in Adobe Illustrator

Today we are going to create trendy summer icons in Adobe illustrator. The key points of this style is a combination of thin black stroke with bright colors.

In the next tutorial we are going to create seamless color from these icons.

Final result :

Summer icons final result

Create a new document

Start a new 1920x1080px document.

Create a cocktail glass

We are going to start with a cocktail glass. Grab a polygon tool and start drawing polygon. Holding left mouse key hit 3 times keyboard down arrow key to achieve a triangle.

Create a cocktail glass

Create a cocktail tube

create a cocktail tube

Create a piece of an orange

Create a piece of orange

Create a popsicle icon

create a popsicle icons

Create popsicle stick

Create a popsicle stick

Create lifesafer icon

Ceate lifesafer icon

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