How to create sliced cone infographics in Adobe Illustrator

Hi, everybody. Today we are going to create some more infographic templates in Adobe Illustrator from scratch!.

We’ll learn an awesome technique of mapping object on 3d shape surface in order to create meaningful design and hierarchy. Let’s get started.

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Final work :

How to create advanced cone infographics in Adobe Illustrator

Start with a new document

Create a new 1920×1080 document. Turn off “Align to pixel grid”.

Create a symbol

Grab an ellipse tool and click once on the artboard to  open the dialog box. Set width to 1250 and height to 200px. Align it both horizontally and vertically to the center. Set any fill color and stroke color to none.

Create horizontal line wider then 1250px. Align it to the center as well. Select both the ellipse and the line and navigate to shpe builder tool.
With shape builder tool slice 1/2 of the ellipse. Leave only top half and delete unnecessary staff around.

Drag this top part to the symbols panel in order to create a symbol. In opened dialog box change import type to “Graphic” and click ok. Delete original shape.

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