Create and prototype modern overlay menu in Adobe XD

Hi everybody. Wellcome to my second Adobe XD tutorial. This time we are going to create and prototype user micro-interactions, focusing on menus and search fields.

First we are going to build mobile blog layout with nice header image:

Iphone 6 blog layout

Second, we are going to build modern menu layout. We’ll use blurred background image and bold typography ( Titillium black ).

Overlay menu Adobe XD

Next, we’ll add one more artboard covered with solid white and put search field inside.

Iphone 7 search field Adobe Xd tutorial

Prototyping overlay interactions in Adobe XD

Adobe XD has a very straightforward and convenient way to add interactivity to our design. Just switch to the prototype tab and add links between toggle element and artboard.

Overlay search interactions Adobe XD

Adobe XD has very lightweight and intuitive interface, works fast. I think, with couple of more improvements from Adobe team, it would be industrial standart, especially among windows users.

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