How to create negative space logo in Adobe illustrator

Hi, everybody. Today we are going to create custom wordmark based on construction lines and negative space.

Negative space custom wordmark
Before we start our Adobe Illustrator tutorial, I want to talk about negative space.

What is negative space

Negative space is the space around and between subjects. To create successful negative space logo we need to
familiarize ourselves with two basic Gestalt principles:

  1. Law of closure (need of completeness)
  2. Multistability principle

Law of closure

Our brain is able to complete a shape or an object, even when it is not contained or closed fully. Iconic example of this law is
ED’s electric logo, designed by Josiah Jost:

Ed's electric logo design


The ability of our mind to switch between two competing ideas is the principle of multistability. Consider Necker cube, the classic visual illusion.

Necker cube

You can see only one state of it at once. Your brain tends to make a dominant interpretation. The longer you look at the dominant image, the harder it becomes for the eyes to intercept the other perception.

Iconic logo to illustrate this principle is Spartan golf club logo:

Spartan golf club logo design

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