Create Custom Geometric Wordmark in Adobe Illustrator

Typography is a beautiful group of letters, not a group of beautiful letters”, Matthew Carter said.

Today, we are going to create simple geometric letters from the basic shapes in Adobe Illustrator and combine them into the beautiful wordmark.

This is a beginner-friendly tutorial, but if you feel like you are lost somewhere in the process, please, let me know in the comments form below.

Custom Wordmark final work

Step 0. Choose your wordmark

Wordmark is a type of logo, that contains only words. Words are comprised of letters, and letters are just a combination of shapes and space, so you can create any letter using this technique. Even so, some letters like l, o, n, g, c, p, q, m, u are more easy to create than the others. Keep this in mind when choosing your word.

Step 1. Set up a document

Start a new Illustrator’s document with the canvas size of 1280x960px.

Open a new document

Step 2. Set up a grid

Navigate to the View/Show grid to show the grid or use shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+”. Use the shortcut Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+” to snap to the grid.

Show grid, snap to the grid

Go to the New Properties panel and click on Preferences. If you are using previous versions of Adobe Illustrator, go to the Edit/Preferences/Guides and Grids.

Preferences in Adobe Illustrator

In the open dialog box navigate to the Guides and Grids and set a Gridline to 160px and Number of Subdivisions to 8:

Default Grid Settings

Step 3. Draw circles

Grab the Ellipse tool and create a circle with 320px as value for the width and height.

Create a circle

Create five copies 0f the circle. The diameter of the each next copy should be 40px less than the previous one.

Create five circles

Set Stroke Weight of all circles to 1px.

Set a stroke weight to 1px

Keep all of them selected and create a duplicate of this group by holding Alt and dragging them to the side.

Create a duplicate

Step 4. Semicircles

Draw a horizontal line bisecting one group of circles right in the middle. Visit Object>Path>Divide>Objects Below to split the group into the half.

Slice a half

Delete the top half and the rest of the line, leaving only semicircles in the bottom.

Delete the top group

Step 5. Arranging Circles

Create a couple of more duplicates of the circles and arrange them as shown on the picture below.

Allocate all duplicates

If you do all the resizing and duplicating well, each circle from the one group should be tangent with the corresponding circle from the noighbour group.

Step 6. Ascender and Descender Lines

Draw a line with the width of 1280px. Make a duplicate. Place lines to the next gridline on top and bottom.

Draw an ascender and descender

Step 7. Create a Stem of the Letter L

Create at least 320px vertical line and place it between ascender line and first semicircle. Make 5 duplicates of the line and arrange them at 20px from each other.

Create ascender of the letter L

Step 8. Create a Descender of Letter P

Make a duplicate of the letter l stem lines and place them between last circle and descender line.

Descender line of the letter p

Step 9. Create Letterform of the Letter L

Select all shapes with Ctrl/Cmd+A. Using Shape Builder Tool, combine semicircles with stem into the letter l.

Selecting Letter L

Step 10. Create letterforms

Next step is to combine letter l with rest of the word using Shape Builder Tool.

First line

First line Of the wordmark

Second Line

Second Line

Third, Fourth, and Fifth Lines

Following the same logic, select third, fourth, and fifth lines using Shape Builder Tool.

Third Line

Notice, that I didn’t include the bowl of the Letter p in my fourth and fifth lines.

Step 11. Cleanup the Shape

Pay attention to details and eradicate all the tiny parts using Shape Builder.

Clean up the shape

Step 12. Letter P

In order to complete this wordmark, you need to combine bowl and descender of Letter p.

Define Letter P

Do not forget to create rest of the shapes, that form descender.

Descender of the Letter P

Cleanup your shapes from the small particles and any unnecessary lines. Delete the rest of the Descender and Ascender Lines.

Increase the Stroke Weight to 10pt.


Step 13. Add Dynamics to the Wordmark

In order to add dynamics to our wordmark, we are going to slice the “Roof” of the Letter l and bottom of the Letter p.

First, you need to add extra anchor points to the stem of the Letter l using Add Anchor Point Tool. Head over the lines with the tool and click once wherever you want to add Anchor Point.

Add anchor points to the stem

Second, using Direct Selection Tool and holding Shift, draw an area marque around top anchor points to select them and hit Delete key.

Delete the roof of the stem

Repeat these steps with the descender of Letter p.

Delete the points on the stem of the letter p

Step 14. Round Cap

Navigate to Stroke Panel, select Round Cap to round the endings of the letter l and p.

Round tthe caps to Round Endings of the first and last letters

Step 15. Compound Path

Select the whole word using Ctrl/Cmd+A and create a Compound Path using Ctrl/Cmd+8. You can also navigate to Object>Compound Path>Make.

Make a compound path

Step 16. Create Small Circles

To further enhance your artwork, add 10px circles at the beginning and end of the word.

Adding Dots at the beginning and End of the word

These tiny circles add even more dynamics to the Wordmark.

Step 17. Apply Gradient

Select the Wordmark and navigate to the Gradient Panel. Select linear gradient and add a couple of the gradient stops in the middle.

Colors of the gradient from left to right:

  1. #478dcb
  2. #794299
  3. #493e97
  4. #d31872

Adding a gradient to the wordmark

Step 18. Recolor Circles

Set a fill color of the circles according to your gradient:

Set a fill color to the circles

We have done! Thanks for reaching that far! Please share your works and questions in the comment from below.

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