How to create 3d sphere logo in Adobe Illustrator!

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Welcome back to another Adobe Illustrator tutorial, my friends. This time we are going to explore modern 3d features of Adobe Illustrator software.

Whether you are beginner or established graphic designer, it is always good to know about Adobe Illustrator CC built-in tools, such as graphic styles.

Learn how to bootstrap your graphic design workflow using graphic styles and create glossy effects, metal gradients and advanced textures with a single click!


  1. Introduction.
  2. New document.
  3. Create rectangle and add it to symbol panel :
  4. Create sphere and map art
  5. Explore different kinds of graphic styles
  6. Enhance your artwork

Final artwork :

How to create 3d logo in Adobe Illustrator

This logo design tutorial is part pf logo design series :

Start with a new document

Go to File| New… or hit Ctrl/Cmd+N :

  1. Width : 1920px
  2. Height : 1080px
  3. Units : pixels

Create black rectangle


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