How to create corporate photo grid inside Adobe XD.

Feeling lazy? Download the final project for free:

Gimme the file!

Hi everybody. I am happy to present you second part of this unique tutorial. This time we are going to create modern photo grid for corporate client’s inside Adobe XD. The idea of this grid is to add photos right on the sides of the cubes.
By the way, you can download this cubes for free on :

You can also watch this rather short Adobe Illustrator tutorial on how to create it :

Adobe Xd allows you to quickly add photos inside any existed forms. It makes XD a software of choice in terms of creating galleries and photo grids for your web design project.

Let’s do it right now.

Content of the video

  1. Introduction.
  2. Import .svg file.
  3. Adding photos.

Final work :

How to create corporate photo grid in Adobe XD

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