How to animate alarm clock icon in After Effects

😀Hi everybody. In today’s tutorial we are going to animate alarm clock in Adobe After Effects. We’ll learn how to use wiggle expression inside conditional if() statement.

🎁If you want to follow along this vitorial, you can download free file here :

✏️You can also draw it by yourself guiding by this Adobe Illustrator video :

CONTENT of the video tutorial :

  1. Introduction:
  2. Preparation steps :
  3. Wiggle :
  4. If statement :
  5. Downloading ringing sound :
  6. Hand animation :

🔔 Download free analog alarm clock sound from FREESOUND.ORG here :

Some notes

Start a new composition :
1. 1920×1080
2. Frame rate 29.97
3. Bg color – white

Import file into your composition panel.

Open new folder and drag .ai files into the layer’s panel. Check “continuously rasterize” option and create shapes from layers using right mouse button key. Delete all adobe illustrator’s files.

Change the order of the layers by moving background layer to the bottom.

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