5 Essential Tips in Gravit Designer Everybody Should Know

In today’s tutorial, I am going to focus on the essential tips and beyond the basics concepts in Gravit Designer by designing the Audi like logo in this amazing free design application.

Gravit Designer advanced techniques

This tutorial covers:

  1. How to outline a border
  2. How to cut things from the Compound Path using Freehand Shaping Tool (former Shading Tool )
  3. How to arrange the radial gradient
  4. How to create and update the Shared style in Gravit Designer.
  5. How to avoid the pitfalls and remedy small omissions of the editor

5 essential tips in Gravit Designer

How to Outline a Border

You can easily convert a border to outlines in Gravit Designer by using Vectorize Border icon into the Tools Panel.

Create outlines in Gravit Designer

Too many points? Let’s simplify the path by heading over to the Modify/Path/Simplify Path (Ctrl/Cmd+Alt/Opt+S). Set the tolerance to 30% to reduce the number of points from 38 to 8!

Simplify path in Gravit Designer

How to Cut Things Out Using the Freehand Shaping Tool

What if you need to cut a portion away of the compound path? This is a common task which might be tedious if you are using the wrong tool.

The Freehand Shaping tool is the best option when you need to add or subtract a piece of a path or an object.

Select the path and grab the Freehand Shaping tool. Holding Left Mouse Button key draw around the portion you want to delete.

Cut things out Freehand Drawing Tool

How to Arrange a Radial Gradient

A Radial Gradient is key for creating the metallic effect in this tutorial. To successfully arrange the color across the ring you need to employ both: The

  1. The Gradient Slider within the Gradient Panel to set the color hues
    Gradient Slider
  2. The Gradient Strip to fine tune the position of the gradient stops.
    Gradient strip

How to Create and Update a Shared Style in Gravit Designer

If your objects bear a lot of effects or appearance attributes, you can use the Shared Style to store and share them with other objects within a single click.

To create a Shared Style head over to the Shared Style drop-down menu and select Create New Shared Style.

Create New Shared Style

In the opened dialog box give it a name and click Create button.

To apply the shared style, select an object and head over to the Shared Style drop-down and select the name of the shared style.

Apply shared style

To Update the shared style click the Sync button on the right of the Shared Style panel.

Shared Style Update

Apply Effects to Objects in Bulk

The amazing thing of Gravit Designer is that you can apply effects to the objects in bulk. You just need to group them using Ctrl/Cmd+G and apply effects to the group.

Apply effect in bulk

Notice that small pieces are no casting the shadow to the main rings (see the video), so the group is treated as a single object. Fantastic, right?

Hope you’ve enjoyed the tutorial. Feel free to share it with your friends.

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