5 Secrets of Highly Succesful Vector Artists

In this article, I am going to focus my endeavor on what it takes to be a highly productive vector artist and graphic designer. If you are working in Adobe Illustrator this article is just for you. Let’s start.

Keep Learning

There are so many successful artists in the field of the design industry, but that success didn’t come overnight, so you need to keep learning. You need to keep pushing yourself through the emotional roller-coaster to reach new heights every single day. And once you reached a Plato in one field, try to immerse yourself in the related topic.

You Don’t Know Adobe Illustrator

In the field of vector design and illustration, Adobe Illustrator is a real leader. When you opened 2000 times, you might feel you already know everything, but let be above-board with you:

You know nothing about Illustrator, John…

Guys, let’s be serious. I am about to share with you my secrets gems of being a vector ninja. Let me just list them here:

  1. Shortcuts
  2. Graphic Styles
  3. Actions
  4. Symbols
  5. Scripts

Which of them you are using on daily basis. Do you automate tasks with Actions? Do you assemble life effects with Graphic Style? Maybe some particular scripts help you to conquer the tedious tasks?

Well, if you don’t use any of them, you might use your Illustrator in 10% of its potential, just as human-beings use their brains (I know it’s just a legend).

Anyway, I have an exciting news for you. I want to share with you my best course, that will immediately get you ahead in the field of vector drawings. You will learn how to use one-click shadows, effects, grids and much more in an easy to digest and fun form. Furthermore, you can enroll for absolutely free due to the 8 of March by clicking the link below. Learn how to automate boring staff in Adobe Illustrator:

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